Digital Marketing Melbourne

When people think of marketing they think of huge expenses and a huge outlay but it’s not like that at all, not anymore anyway. With the advent of technology traditional marketing methods don’t work the same way that they used to. Creating brochures and then delivering them around your local area is extremely limiting and you’re only reaching customers in your existing vicinity, which is fine if you’re a restaurant, doctor or another type of business that can only offer your services to those who are physically in your area, but if you have a product like clothes, homewares or something else that can be shipped then you need to consider other marketing methods such as digital marketing.

If you are going to go down the digital marketing path then you need to get a website built. A website will act as your storefront for those who run Google searches on your business. If you don’t have a website then you can’t possibly be on Google and if you’re not on Google then your business might as well not exist because customers can’t find you. If they can’t find you then they’ll go to your competitors and if they do that then it’s going to be much harder for you to gain traction when you do finally get a website.

If your website is the only form of digital marketing that you do then you should get it built in WordPress. Most digital marketing experts know how to work WordPress and it’s very easy to update. You don’t need to update your website design every year though if you don’t want to. WordPress allows you to add products to your eCommerce store and it only takes a matter of minutes, so if you constantly have new stock arriving WordPress is the best possible web platform to build your website in. Don’t try to build a website yourself though. It’s way too easy to stuff up and without the right advice you could wind up with a website that looks worse than no website at all. You don’t need to sell products online to have a website though. A website is useful for simply marketing to customers that you exist in the first place. You can publish a brief introduction to your business and let customers know what goods and services you offer so that when they want to make a purchase you’re top of mind and are a familiar name.

It’s really important that when you undertake digital marketing activities you have an easy to use website. An easy to use website looks good and is functional at the same time. Functionality doesn’t just refer to being able to read your website on a computer and fill out a contact form requesting more information. It also means that your customers or those searching for a product in your field can access your website on their mobile device without losing functionality. That is to say that they can make a purchase on your website from their mobile phone; or if they want to they can make a booking if you’re a beauty salon or restaurant. Online functionality is vital today because more and more people access websites on their mobile phone so you need to cater for that portion of the market.

Once you’ve got your website built you need to look at other digital marketing options and the first thing is how to attract people to your website. That is where search engine optimisation comes in. Search engine optimisation is the ability for people to find your website in Google’s organic search results. That is to say that you do not pay for your search ranking. Ideally you want to be on the first page of Google. Most people only read the results on the first page and don’t go any further. The use of keywords and regular updates helps improve your ranking and when you’ve got a good tanking on Google you can reach customers that aren’t in your direct vicinity, potentially earning you millions of dollars depending on the type of product you offer and who your target market is. If you have a product that can be shipped then in reality, your target market is limitless and you can sell to anyone in the world, so it’s worthwhile creating a website that caters for different markets.

If you are not on the first page through search engine optimisation then another way you can work on your digital marketing is through the use of Google Ads. That means that you are paying for a spot on Google’s first search result page, although depending on your bid (the amount you are willing to pay) you might end up further down. Google AdWords doesn’t need to be as expensive as other mediums. You only bid what you’re willing to pay for each click (person going to your website). The even better thing is that even if you do have a Google Ad, you may not even spend anything. This is because sometimes people will see your ad but instead of clicking on the ad, they will type in your website and so you won’t be charged for that visit to your website. You’ll only be charged for website traffic that comes directly from clicking on a Google Ad.

Google Ads aren’t your only option for eating customers when you’re creating a digital marketing strategy. You can also reach steamers through Facebook and Instagram. You can set your budget and the budget you set will influence the number of people you reach. You can either create an image only ad or one with videos. It depends on the product you’re offering. Videos are better for fitness products, whereas if you’re offering homewares then an image based ad is sufficient. You can write a short introduction to go with the ad giving customers more information about the product that you’re offering.

If you’ve never undertaken digital marketing before and wouldn’t know where to start then don’t worry about a thing. Just pick up the phone or send us an email and we’ll help you get started so you can tap into a whole new market that you never even knew existed. Although we’ve briefly given you an introduction to digital marketing, there are so many other forms of digital marketing that you can do and we’d be happy to let you know what they are. Our team of digital marketing experts have over 10 years of experience in the field and they’re constantly developing new strategies to ensure customers get a maximum return on investment.