WordPress maintenance service

When you have a website you need to regularly maintain it. Fortunately for you we offer a WordPress maintenance service. Our web maintenance service ensures that your website will constantly be updated. You may be confused and wonder what would need updating once you’ve built or had your website built but there’s actually quite a lot. If you don’t regularly maintain your website then it won’t perform as well as it could. It will start running slower and that will be frustrating for both you and the visitors to your website.

So what parts of your website do you need to maintain? The first part of your website to maintain is the content. Without current and updated content people are going to go to your website and quickly leave because it will be the same website they visited in 2016. Now we’re not saying that you should update your website every month. That’s not necessary but an update every year is something that you should consider. Updating it every year means the design will be current and it will be more functional. If there were staffing changes then it’s worthwhile to remove old staff from the website and add the new staff to it. This ensures that any customers get what they expect rather than being shocked that a certain staff member has left. It also enhances your credibility if the content is current.

Other content that you need to update is your blog and your products. Your blog helps with your SEO (search engine optimisation). Ultimately this means that by adding blogs to your site you will rank higher than someone whose website is never updated. It also gives your customers a reason to keep on going back to your website; and if they keep on going back to your website you have a greater chance of increasing sales than if you just built your website and forgot about it. You don’t just have to add written content to your website. Increasingly people are adding videos and photo galleries to their website. This gives your audience a greater feel for what your business offers and encourages them to visit.

When websites first became mainstream in the late 1990s and early 2000s it didn’t matter if your website wasn’t regularly updated but with more and more businesses online you need to stand out, and one way to stand out is to update the content on your website. You wouldn’t leave your social media account dormant without new content, or if you did you’d lose your audience and they wouldn’t have a reason to follow you. New content also helps your customers connect with your business and when they connect with your business they will be more loyal. Loyal customers won’t just buy from you. They will also encourage their friends and family members to do the same and in time they will also become loyal and the cycle will continue increasing your profit margins and giving you greater stability in your business.

WordPress websites have plugins. A plugin is effectively an application within WordPress that offers additional functionality, so you may have an ecommerce plugin such as WooCommerce which allows you to sell products through your WordPress site. Those plugins need to be updated or they can become clunky and cause your entire website to run slow, which in turn can stop people from visiting your website. There are other plugins you need for your WordPress website or your website won’t operate to its best performance. For those who aren’t constantly exposed to website maintenance this can be confusing so instead of spending hours trying to figure things out, leave it to the experts. Our team specifically work on WordPress website maintenance everyday and we have come across hundreds of plugins so we can update them and recommend other plugins if your website doesn’t currently have all the plugins you need. When choosing plugins you should only use reputable plugins that you can get directly through WordPress because otherwise you could open yourself up to security breaches.

That’s another part of having a website that you need to regularly maintain. Website security is so important otherwise your website could be hacked which essentially means that your clients’ personal data could be stolen which could in turn ruin your business’s reputation and cost you directly and indirectly. If your company’s reputation takes a hit then you will lose future and potentially current customers. It’s not worth the risk. It’s worth investing in regular WordPress website maintenance so you have the peace of mind that your website is being managed effectively.

If your content is regularly being updated then that is going to take up more space so you may need to increase your bandwidth. Website bandwidth is the amount of data permitted on your website. Images and videos take up a lot of space so we can assist with storage and bandwidth options.

Whether it’s your first website, or you’ve had websites in the past and don’t have the time to manage your website, WordPress website maintenance is so important. It helps your website run to its maximum potential and as your website is your business’s digital window, it’s very important that you treat it just like you would if you had a physical shop. By enlisting the help of the experts you’re ensuring your business future and that can give you peace of mind that your business is more secure. This is imperative in a period when a digital presence is more important than ever before.