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A few years ago it didn’t matter if you didn’t have a website. You could rely on people going into your store, or if you weren’t in retail then they would look you up in the Yellow Pages but over the last few years technology has changed. It’s becoming more and more important to have a website and without one your business may as well not exist. Without a website you can only attract local customers and that cuts you off from potentially millions of dollars worth of business.

You need a website so that you can attract customers all around the world but it’s not just good enough to have a do it yourself website. Think of it this way, you wouldn’t go to a job interview in trackpants. Instead you’d go in your best clothes, or you’d go out and buy a new suit so that you could make a brilliant first impression. That’s what a website does. It is your first chance at attracting customers to your business. Effectively, your website is your job interview so it’s really important that you have a high quality website; and to do that you can’t build it yourself. You need a web design team who specialise in websites to do that for you. Our team of web developers at Urban Digital Co build websites daily and have superior knowledge on how you can build a website that will encourage people to look through the pages of your website and then purchase from you. Your website these days is your job interview. It’s your first chance to impress customers and if you get it wrong then you’re going to lose customers to your competitors and nobody wants that.

The fact is, most people don’t know what’s involved in building a website. It’s not as simple as just getting words on a page and then you’re ready to go. It takes careful planning and analysis. When you build a website you need to consider your audience. What does your audience expect to see on your website? How do you want to present yourself? What colours do you want to use? Can customers book your services or buy your product on your website? Will you just allow them to make enquiries? Do you need a picture gallery on your website?  If customers can make purchases, what payment options will you allow? All of these things add to the full experience of using a website; and with most businesses being online these days, customers expect your website to have good functionality. Gone are the days where you can just have a simple one page website with your business location. You now need a website that effectively acts as your online shopfront. Without it you may as well be invisible.

A good website will have a good layout and when you utilise the service of a web design team in Melbourne you’ll get expert advice on the best layout. We work with clients daily and make recommendations on the best templates. There are numerous templates that we use however they are fully customisable but that is not something that the average person can do. Customisation of websites requires coding experience and if you don’t get it right it can be a disaster and you’ll lose customers. In this marketplace nobody can afford to lose customers so you need to do everything you possibly can to attract and retain your existing and new customers. Just because you have a good product doesn’t mean that customers will buy from you. If they’re buying online and comparing services they’ll also be comparing your website with that of your competitor’s and if your website doesn’t look professional they’ll question if you’re even a legitimate business. That’s the last thing you want because if they question that then they’ll potentially post statements about your website on review websites and you’ll lose customers and your reputation will be destroyed.

It’s not worth the risk. When you hire a web design team you’re paying for expert advice and years of experience building websites for businesses that are just like yours. Because we’ve built websites that are just like yours we know what works and what doesn’t. If something works for one customer then we’ll recommend it however if you find it doesn’t work for you then we’ll modify it. We build our websites in WordPress which means that you won’t be getting a website built that you can’t modify. All of our websites can be modified and you can add pages or products when you get new stock in. That makes keeping your website up to date very easy; and these days everyone expects an up to date website. If a website hasn’t been updated in the last year then audiences will question if your business even exists still or if you’re a legitimate business and that’s the last thing you want so you need to hire a qualified Melbourne web design team to build your website for you.

If you have never used WordPress before then we’re available via phone and email, and we can provide you with a one on one training session that will make managing your new website very easy.

All of the websites we build are hosted locally so you can trust that you’re getting a secure website as well. A secure website protects you from unwanted attacks or hacking and means you can offer your customers a secure experience if they buy products on your website or if they share their details with you using your contact us form.

If you’re a small business in Melbourne you might think that you don’t need a website designed but everyone needs a website. If you’re offering your services and/or products to people then you need a website. A website is the first impression a customer will have of you and gives them the opportunity to browse your products from the comfort of their own home before they make a decision. A leisurely shopping experience means they’ll probably look at more content on your website, rather than just looking at only one product. That means that even if they were searching only for one product they might buy several products which will increase your revenue.

For confidence in a high quality website, contact our Melbourne web design team and we’ll offer you a free consultation to see how we can help you.

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